Home is where the mayhem is…

I come to you today with both good news, and bad news.

The good news is: I have handed in two of my biggest assignments, and have a month to focus on my novel that will probably never be finished.

The bad news is: I have handed in two of my biggest assignments. This means I only have a month left at university before I get thrown into the ‘real world’ head-first.

Not going to lie to you guys, the past few weeks have me stressing about the future. I have no plans because I don’t know what I want to do aside from blogging and writing. And let’s face it, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get paid for either of those things. So if you need me, I’ll be crying into the ice creams at work.

On the plus side, finishing those assignments also meant I could visit the loony-bin that is  home. I have gotten so used to watching rubbish on TV (that Tidy up with Marie Kondo is strangely addicting,) I’m no longer used to the mayhem of siblings.

The only noise I get at home is when Ian occasionally rages at a game. Sometimes he thinks he actually is a dwarf hired to kill giant rats.  Trust me, the Warhammer universe is a strange one.

But then I get home and everyone attention seeks. It’s absolute madness to chose between two dogs, a cat and two siblings.

My brother (Harley, age 19) wasn’t there because he had to go to uni, and Mum says they don’t attention seek for him. It’s just me. When they’re not bullying me, they’re arguing with each other, there is literally not a moment of silence.

But as much as it drives me crazy, I love it.

I accidentally almost killed my other brother (Jak, Age 17.) We like to play wrestle because I’m the only member of the family brave enough to take on someone twice the size of me. I always win though.

But I had gone to the local for a few drinks with Mum and when we got home, he said something to wind me up so I went to tackle him. I spun him around using all my weight (trust me, that’s a lot of force) and he hit the radiator.

I stopped when there was a loud clank and made sure he was okay. He was just sat on the floor laughing, but Mum started panicking saying that I almost hit his head. That’s where I left it for the night.

Jak hasn’t left it though, it’s his new form of guilt tripping me. I heard ‘Mum could have spent her day cleaning my brain off the wall.’ and ‘You almost killed me’ at least four times. I was only there a day.

Then there’s my sister, Ruby (who I’ve talked about before. She’s the one I used as an excuse to go to Disneyland.) She likes to talk for eternity and will argue back about anything.

She was showing me some mods for The Sims where you can brutally murder people with chainsaws and axes. I was smiling but inside I was scared, what if my sister grows up to be a serial killer? She wouldn’t be able to come to Disneyland with me if she was in prison…

I slept in her room since Jak had the spare room. This was fun up until the allergies kicked in. She has cute little baby rats that I’m very allergic to. I knew I was allergic to them,  but the older rat looked sad so I got him out and gave him cuddles. I. figured I could power through the suffering, but I had never been so wrong.

My eyes started to swell up and I was crying all day. My nose ran like a man on steroids and my throat was so sore it was hard to breathe. But for Ruby’s sake, I continued to sleep in her room.

I stumbled into lecture yesterday and everybody thought I had some horrible flu, but in fact it was just allergies and very uncontageious. So instead I sat, drinking chocolate milk from a litre bottle and powering through the tutorial. When I got back yesterday, I had the longest, steamiest shower and washed my hair. I immediately felt so much better. It’s nice to be able to breathe again.

Now, I have just bought a game my family introduced me to, called Dead by Daylight.

You basically  have to work with people online to escape the killer by fixing generators, or you play as the murderer (You can buy dlc’s to play as the woman from Saw/Freddy Kruger etc.) and you have to sacrifice all 4 of the survivors before they escape. If you like horror movies, it’s great fun.

So I’m off to play that, have a groovy week!

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