A week of emotional trauma – How to prepare yourself for Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones.

So, you’ve been at work all week. Sweating it out, earning the money that you need to survive. You look forward to the moment you can get home, switch on the TV and chill with your favourite characters.

Except we all know, this is not the week to chill. I would just like to point out – there are no spoilers in this post. I am a crazy person – but I’m not THAT crazy.

No character is safe. The last Avengers is out THE SAME WEEK as the biggest cinematic battle in history (That’s Game of Thrones, in case you live in a cave and haven’t heard.)

Who knows who is going to die? My attitude is just prepare for everyone dying, that way a single person surving will be a true blessing.

But how do we prepare for the many feels this week is bringing. Well, you lucky people. I made a list!

1. Buy tissues. You will be a blubbering mess. You don’t want to be a snotty blubbering mess.

2. Don’t buy popcorn. For either of the two, it’s best not to eat because you don’t want to be so shocked you choke and die. There will be enough death, no need to add to the body count.

3. Book a week off work – spend it crying in bed. Get it out of your system, otherwise you’ll need a therapist

4. Watch Winnie The Pooh afterwards. Or something with dogs in it. You know, to brighten the mood.

5. Turn off your phone. Don’t talk to anyone whilst you’re in that mood. You will take your angst out on them. Don’t blame them, blame the writers.

I know it’s quite a short list, but I’m not sure what else you can do except take it like a man. (Wow, I never realised how sexist that phrase is until now. But ‘take it like a woman does just sound inappropriate.’ What a world we live in.)

What steps will you be taking to help you through these heart-breaking times?

If I don’t update next week, it’s because I finally managed to drown myself in my own tears.

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