Sushi is nasty – Change my mind.

Why, hello there fellow humans!

I’m pretty excited to announce I have a new surname…

Just call me Miss Spontaneous because I went on an unplanned trip to Manchester! I mean, I guess it’s not that spontaneous but as a planner with anxiety, these things don’t happen often.

But there I was, 8am on a Wednesday morning reading a snap from Natalie inviting me to Manchester after uni. I was a bit bewildered at first, but after a quick check of my grim bank balance I persuaded myself to go. Mostly because I scared myself into thinking I’d miss out on the adventure of a life time. (For anyone that hasn’t been to Machester, it is not an adenture. It smells of human feces and the sky there is never blue.)

So off we trotted, to the big city. We had just been at uni to meet the external examiner, and our tutor made sure there was plenty of cake and coffee (I think this was her main method of persuasion. It’s hard to get students out of bed.)

I, of course, took advantage of the freebie and had 5 cups of coffee. Obviously, this was after the examiner left. I didn’t want him to see me as the caffiene addicted freak that I am.

So we got to the station and ordered yet another coffee whilst we waited for the always delayed British transport. By this time I was practically shaking, and my mind was thinking faster than my mouth could move. Not that I normally make sense, but I could feel the loss of control this time.

Sadia bought a puzzle book for the train in. I am terrible at crosswords. For a writer I’m pretty awful of thinking of other ways of saying words. But between our four brain cells combined, we managed to finish one in an hour. I’d call that a win.

We went to Afflecks where Nat got her hair cut and Callum spent half an hour debating a peircing. I saw posters for Tarot Reading jotted around, and I was tempted. (Listening to adverts will always be my biggest flaw.)

Now, as many of you know, I love horoscopes. I even have a tattoo of my elemental symbol (Air) on the back of my neck. So I went into this reading optimistic, hoping she would tell me whay career to get and what to have for dinner.

But whilst I was in there, I felt awkward. And not because she asked me to shuffle the cards and I dropped them everywhere. (Great job, Lucie) But I felt like she wanted me to speak and she was ready to pounce on something.

The first card I picked was ‘The Fool.’ Which, as much as I wish it wasn’t, is pretty accurate. I mean, even doing this I’m entertaining people and (hopefully) making them laugh. So fair play, spooky lady.

The second was The Victim. She practically shrieked when she turned it over, asking me if I’d been betrayed recently or felt attacked by anyone. I assured her that I was fine and I had no idea what that card meant and she just shook her head. Okay, spooky lady. I’m sorry that I didn’t give you anything to latch onto, but that card has nothing to do with me.

The last card was New Beginnings. Apparently this usually means pregnancy, but ‘by the look on my face’ it meant that I’m ready for a new chapter of my life. Okay spooky lady, you know that I’m at university from my MMU jumper. I’m practically a walking advertisement for the place. Of course you figured I’d be starting something new soon.

At this point all of my optimism had been drained. The last card was very vague, and I had a tube of hormones injected into my arm to stop me getting pregnant, so that’s definitely not happening. I wanted it all to be a life changing experience, but it was all a bit too kooky, even for me.

Afterwards we went for sushi, which I had never had before. Turns out, I wasn’t missing out on anything. I was dubious to start with, as I hate fish. Alas, my friends convinced me to try the vegetarian options.

They had options that weren’t fish but were still meaty, so I tried the katsu chicken, the duck and the avacado sushi.

Here’s a hint about trying sushi: don’t. It was disgusting. I’m not sure whether I just don’t like rice cold (But I love rice pudding?) or whether the stuff I tried was particularly bad.

It’s definitely a thing you eat for social status. If you’re constantly chewing gum and your trousers hang below your arse, you go to McDonald’s. If you wear sunglasses and own a Ferrari, you go for Sushi. But McDonald’s is better, no competition there.

Are you somebody that adores sushi, or are you an uncultured swine like me?

Let me know in the comments!

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