Frozen 2 looks like a bit of a fixer upper…

Here thee, here thee! Lucie is back with another post, and has actually hit her imaginary deadline for once. She deserves a magnificent celebration, so is going to eat Maltesers even though she started dieting today. I’m going to stop talking in third person now, before I confuse even myself.

I have been staring at the ceiling for a while now, trying to find something to write about. I really wish my life was more interesting than work, go home, watch a film, go to sleep. But it’s not, and one day I dream that I will constantly be on adventures, visiting strange places and trying new things (that naturally, I will despise because I’m stubborn and new things are not my forte.)

Basically, I had nothing to Blog about. But then a post came up on one of the many Disney pages I follow on Facebook. (I follow way too many. I just can’t get enough of those juicy memes.) And guess what?


I saw the first advert for it a few months back, but it was very hard to figure out what the plot was. It basically was just Disney going ‘Hey look at this stunning animation on your favourite annoying snowman.’ and ‘Look, Elsa has gone crazy and is trying to fight the sea.’

Obviously, lots of theories started to appear about the plot. One of them was that a girl we see briefly surrounded by leaves, was going to be Elsa’s girlfriend.

Firstly, I do not want Elsa to have any love interest – male or female. She is a strong, powerful woman and doesn’t need to get a love storyline just because her sister has one. I know Disney likes to write unnecessary romances (okay, I’m a sucker for Eugene and Rapunzel) but as far as Frozen goes, they don’t need another love story.

The other thing about this theory is that the ‘love interest’ they’re talking about IS A CHILD. She is a cute, young girl jumping in leaves. I’m hoping that it’s Anna and Kristoffs daughter, because that would be so very wholesome.

Turns out, no theory I read was true. (Well, we still don’t know who that girl is.) Elsa has still lost it and is trying to fight the sea, but this time we see her fall. in and see a magical water horse.  So either she’s on a lot of drugs, or there’s some spooky sorcery going on.

We also see a troll telling her that she must go North – into the unknown. Towards the end of the trailer, there are some big stones (I’m so great at describing things. Good thing I’m not a writer.) They bare a very similar resemblance to the stones in Brave – so I’m wondering whether there’s going to be some sort of weird cross over.


Merida did magically turn her mum into a bear after all. I mean, I still feel like I’ve never been angry enough to turn someone into a bear but maybe that’s just because I’m pretty chill. So maybe this magic will be what Elsa is fighting, or maybe that’s how she got her own powers.

Either way, I’m pretty hyped for it. I go to Disneyland again a month after it’s released, so I’m hoping that Disney will have some sort of Frozen Christmas vibe going on. That would literally be brilliant, since Frozen is about sisterly love and I’m going with/dragging my sister.

What do you guys think about Frozen 2, or couldn’t you care less? Let me know!


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