The shaver of hope & dreams (Kind of)

Hello again, my friends! (I’m not kidding when I say ‘friends,’ my self-esteem is so low that I consider each and every one of you my friend. As far as someone reading through a computer screen can be a friend, anyway.)

I’m doing something pretty different this week, which has taken a bit longer to put together than I expected. I’m doing a review of a shaver, which is probably going to be one of the girliest things I’ve ever done.

So, I was bored and scrolling through Amazon last week. (I didn’t realise how dangerous for my purse that was.) I’d gone on there to order a book, but refused to pay £5 for the delivery of a bunch of paper with words on. So instead I browsed the sale section.

Have you ever been on the sale section of Amazon? They literally have everything you could ever want but don’t particularly need. I saw a gas mask on there. I don’t want to know why one of the best sellers was a gas mask, but whatever floats your goat I suppose.

There I was, aimlessly scrolling and hoping to find something useful. That’s when I found it… the beauty device of dreams: Maybuy 4 in 1 lady shaver. Or as Amazon likes to call it:

‘Ladies Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer for Women, Maybuy 4 in 1 Lady Electric Razor Facial Cleasing Brush Wet and Dry Body Hair Removal for Arm Underarm Legs USB Rechargeable Waterproof MB3003.’

I don’t know why Amazon has started using every word possible to describe a product. Honestly, they sound like me tagging my pictures on Instagram to get likes.

Now, I have used manual shavers ever since I started puberty. Yet, somehow I still manage to lacerate my legs. And recently I have literally just been too lazy to shave. Damn my long-term relationship for letting me know I don’t have to accidentally massacre my legs to look good.

I’ve had one electric shaver in the past, but I only used it a few times as it left my skin sore and dry. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I guess anything that pulls hair out will be harsh on it.

I mostly bought it to challenge it. 4 in 1 and waterproof seemed too good to be true, and anything that tackled my leg hair was sure to break instantly. I decided to test all the features advertised, and here are the results. (BEWARE! PRETTY GROSS HAIR PICTURES!)

The shaver came with 4 different heads, each with a different purpose. I used each one on both wet and dry skin, to see which one had the best results. Because I’m a professional and totally know what I’m doing.

  1. 3 in 1 blade: The two side blades are for cutting down longer hair while the middle foil shaves off short hair.

Okay, so I tried to take a picture of my leg hair for hours. I had loads of light sources shining directly on my legs (By this I mean several lamps and the curtains open.) I’m a redhead, so my leg hair is blonde which makes it practically invisible. Yet another reason why I don’t tend to shave. This is the best image I managed to get:


I don’t know why they look so squashed and deformed, but they don’t call me ‘stumpy’ for nothing. As you can see, the hair is invisible until you really really zoom in:










After hours of trying to get better pictures, I gave up and decided there was no way for you to see the difference on my legs. I did shave the left one dry, and right one in the bath anyway, and you’ll just have to trust me.

The dry shave was very quick, and it’s the first time I haven’t cut myself. It did trim the hair surprisingly well, but left my leg feeling a little dry. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the hair to grow back, either. I’m almost certain it’ll be back in a few days.

When I shaved in the bath, I was more careful as I didn’t want to drop the shaver and break it. This was harder than it sounds, the design is curved which looked good, but when it’s wet it’s slippery as a fish underwater. (Opposed to a fish above water, which in fact is just a dead fish.) I think it did a better job though. My leg felt really soft and I couldn’t feel any stubble. Which is really saying something.

Just so you could see that I’m not lying, (I don’t know why I would be) I did a before and after of my armpits. Okay, please don’t judge the ‘before’ photo. It’s almost embarrassing, even for me. But I never really wear t-shirts and it kept me warm through winter months, I’m like a squishy, hairy bear. You have been warned!





As you can see, it really does work! Basically, getting rid of those armpit hairs was really painful and left me with a horrible rash. I don’t blame it though, because the same happens after waxing and it was just as effective, but much much quicker and less scary. So I’ll give it an 8/10 on the shaving side.

2.  Precision trimmer blade: Used to shave areas like the bikini line which are normally difficult to shave.

I’m going to clarify this now: I am not going to post a picture of my pubes online. I still have some dignity, believe it or not. Instead I’m going to post a picture of the blade.


Now, there’s many things I would do for the internet. Putting THAT anywhere near my lady entrance is not one of them. So I can’t really review this one, sorry. (Not sorry.)

3. The scrubber brush head: Used for scrubbing your face, it will remove dirt and particles on your skin.

This add-on is amazing. I feels like your face is having a lovely, gentle massage. I then tried to use it on my shoulders, but my hair got tangled in it and now I’m scared to ever touch it again. So that was fun. 10/10 for that feature, since it’s not the brushes fault I’m an idiot.

4.  The cleansing brush head: The soft and comfortable touch massage like feel of this brush will refresh and relax your skin.

I guess that this brush is meant for exfoliating, right? If not, I’ve totally used it for the wrong thing. I massaged my legs with this super soft attachment, put lotion on, and then used the attachment again to rub in the lotion. It felt super nice and left my legs feeling as gentle (and probably just as elegant) as a seal, whereas they’d previously been spiky, like a hedgehog. This was my favourite feature: a solid 10/10.

So that’s it. I’m actually amazed that it did everything it advertised and even managed to get me feeling smooth. (That’s quite an achievement in my books.) And it was only £20! I mean, I just checked amazon and it’s no longer on sale, so is in fact £24.59, which honestly, I still think is a great price.

If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

I hope you enjoyed the review! See ya next week!



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