Why we should leave Meghan Markle alone…

Happy evening to you all! (‘m running out of ways to say ‘Hello,’ can you tell?)

How I wish my life was full of adventure, and I could tell you about my trip to the Bahamas to work with the monkeys and save all the trees. Instead, I’ve either been stood in a box asking ‘Can I take your order?’ or lying on the sofa and trying to kill people on the Xbox. Basically, I am living my (not-so) best life.

You may notice that the header of this post is American sweets, and that’s because it’s all Aldi is selling at the moment. That, combined with my period means that my diet is well and truly over. I’m dangerous when I’m on a diet, but I’m lethal when I’m on the blob. A combination of both is just too much for poor Ian.

Seriously though, the price of food in Aldi is generally cheaper, but due to the ‘special selection’ aisles they have, I end up spending more on junk I don’t need. I went in for tampons today and came out with Marshmallow Fluff and Cookie Brownies. At this point I’m just giving my crazy hormonal body the food it wants, not the food it needs.

Anyway, the diet was getting to me. I felt constantly dazed, and not ‘Ooh I forgot a couple things’ dazed. More of a ‘Shit. I made a cup of tea, added the milk and then realised I’d forgotten the teabag’ dazed. I need some form of help that isn’t just eating my weight in cheese.

On the plus side, having a boring life means that I have time to read. All. through uni, I got into a right reading funk. I think it was because I was writing all the time, so my brain was too caught up in my own words to appreciate someone elses. But now I’m back and have read three whole books in two weeks. It feels good to be caught up in worlds that aren’t my own again.

I’m also working on my novel, but it’s fantasy so my brain runs out of steam after three sentences of describing a tree. Because that’s all fantasy is, a big lump of description to distract you from the unbelievable plot. I do love it though.

I feel like I’m getting old though. My Facebook feed is literally just memes and articles about The Royal Family. I don’t know why, since I’m not that interested in them and have no ‘likes’ on any pages about them. But somehow, the only news I seem to receive is about Meghan Markle.

I do feel sorry for Meghan Markle. I don’t know what she did to the Media, but it really hates her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an article praising her, and at this point I honestly think it’s bullying.  The article I spotted today was:

‘Meghan Markle and Harry ‘look entitled’ after banning public from Archie’s christening.’

I’m sorry, but what? Since when was wanting privacy ‘entitled’ behaviour? Yes, she knew what she was getting into marrying a prince. But that’s like saying that actors and actresses deserve to be photographed in their pyjamas because they ‘like’ the fame.

I’m not sure whether it’s because she’s American, or this is her second marriage, (How dare she get a divorce like almost half of the countries women?) or even because she’s an actress. She’s not conventional, sure. But we’re not living in the dark ages, Britain you need to get a grip and appreciate all the good things she’s done.

She did a degree whilst acting full-time. Anyone that’s been to uni knows how stressful it can be (Have you ever tried writing an essay after 4 tequilas?) never mind with a full-time job.

She also wrote a Blog, gave Feminist speeches and not only moved across the Atlantic, but gave up her family, friends, career and social life to marry someone she loves. She was generally quite the role model for young women before she became a Duchess. But do the media ever mention that? No, only the fact that she might not get along with her parents-in-law (I mean, who does?) and that she’s a lonely mother. (How dare she be lonely and have bad thoughts? All she does is fake a smile and be the typical housewife after spending her whole life building up a successful career.)

I just don’t get it. It’s very very very unlikely that she’ll ever be Queen, so I don’t get what the big deal is. Just let her and Harry be happy and give me some proper news.

So, there you have it. My boring life made this post turn into a bit of a rant. (I’m so sorry!) But, I do have some awesome things planned for the next few posts. Like proper Blogger things, not just improvised crap.

I’m pretty hyped. You should be too.

Buh-Bye for now!


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