Emo nights and Costa visits

Aloha amigos!

As many of you know, I finished university in June and have been waiting in Crewe whilst Ian finishes his apprenticeship. Since then, I have had very limited social interaction and I’m pretty sure I’m going insane. Basically,  it’s weird being an extroverted introvert.

But a few weeks ago, I went off on an adventure to see Nat. We’d planned it before uni had even finished because we both knew if we were left to our own devices it would take literally years to meet up. Not because we don’t want to, but because Nat doesn’t seem to like plans whereas I have to have a plan because I’m a natural born stress-head.

So off I trotted (or choo-choo’d – I was on a train. Not a steam train, but what other noises do trains make?) to Doncaster.

The train was surprisingly fancy for a Northern service. Any British northers know what I’m talking about when I say Northern trains are normally dismal af. They’re cramped, the only ventilation is through the windows and they have this weird rickety noise that shouldn’t come with any transport.

But this train was unreal. It had a screen to tell us where we were on this little map. The seats were further apart and the little table on the back was big enough to fit my book, phone, drink and sandwich which literally blew me away. Being an adult means being excited by the practicality of things.

Nat was working when I arrived, so I got to hang out with her mum.  Nat’s mum is lovely but I’m not sure whether it was her tone or accent that I found intimidating.

When we got to her house she showed me to Nat’s room, and I went to get ready for our night out and she told me to have a cuppa first. She didn’t ask if I wanted one,  she told me to have one. And I’m not one to answer back to anyone so the next thing I knew I was watching the chase with her and Nat’s grandparents as they tried to feed me custard. I had literally gone from only talking to Ian for months to eating custard with strangers. My life is so weird.

I was then allowed to go and get changed. Nat and I were going to a ’00’s emo night’ so I dressed up in my best emo gear and put on a ridiculous amount of eyeliner but used glitter as eyeshadow just to show that on the outside I look like a murderer but on the inside I’m all rainbows and sunshine.

Then me and Nat’s mum went to Costa’s, which was nice as I hadn’t been able to afford one in months. We mostly talked about Nat and holidays and jobs and general stuff, as adults do. Finally, she dropped me off outside Nat’s work and I went in to wait for her.

Nat works at Whetherspoons so it was the perfect place to just order some food and some drinks whilst I waited for her to finish, but I decided to go to the toilet first. I was surprised to see she had messaged me, and suddenly she appeared in the bathroom as I was applying my black glitter lipstick. She had claimed toilet cleaning duty to tell me that she was allowed to finish early.

So I went downstairs and claimed a table whilst I decided which cocktail I was going to order. I was only going to get a pitcher, but then I saw it was 2 for £12, and being the bargain hunter I am, I ended up ordering two via table service so that I could ruin her street cred (Which I’m 98% sure doesn’t exist anyway.)

Nat finished, and we drank as much as we could before we caught the train into Leeds. We didn’t have time to pay at the station so we payed on the train. We were going to pretend we’d only just got on, but I had seen the conductor on the platform in Doncaster and I’m pretty sure she recognised me. I mean, who wouldn’t recognise a ginger covered in glitter in a Pikachu dress? I feel like we were pretty recognisable so I was honest, and the lady complimented my glittery eyes so I’m glad I didn’t lie.

The emo night was good because it was with Nat and we were very drunk, but at the same time the music wasn’t what I expected. I wanted to go back into my teen emo roots, but the songs were either too emo or not emo enough. Black Veil Brides wasn’t played once, so I have a feeling the DJ had never even been an emo.

We had to wait for the next train at 5am, so we spent a few hours in McDonald’s making the most of my discount. At that point, I decided to get some water too as I didn’t want to die of a hangover the next day. I feel like the was the most sensible thing I have ever done, and it kind of worked.

The train back was this huge train heading to London. Nat was asleep and I was dozing off when a group of drama kids got on. I don’t know why, but I hate drama kids. I don’t mean kids that study drama, but drama kids. I feel like every country has them. The ones that are full of themselves and think they know everything because mummy paid for them to have extra lessons. Those type of drama kids.

Anyway, these guys were going on a trip to Disneyland and the teacher wanted our table seat, despite it being available. Nat argued with her and then one of the parents told us to move,  but we stubbornly held our ground and ranted about them for the rest of the trip back to Nat’s. Turns out, when we’re sleep deprived we’re not so chill.

Nat had work again the next day, so I got to hang out with her mum again. We went for a walk around a ‘lake.’ I call it a ‘lake’ because I’m from the Lake District and this was so  different from those lakes, it was basically just an oversized pond. What can I say? I’m a lake snob.

We went for another Costas and this time I met more of Nat’s family. I’m not sure how I was only there one full day but somehow ended up meeting everyone, but it happened. I was still pretty hungover at this point and couldn’t stop thinking about KFC so I wasn’t very active in the conversation.

I was dropped off in town and went for a wonder. Pride was on so I was expecting everyone to be out and about, but they’d all moved on by that time. I had a little walk around but just got evil looks. It didn’t occur to me wondering in circles without a motive would look suspicious, so I went and sat in Spoons for a few hours.

There, I met Nat’s friend Megan. I am 90% sure she thought I was a loon because it only took me one drink to be tipsy after the night before. We talked a bit,  but every time Nat was near us the convo would end so it looked like we were just sat there awkwardly. She kept cleaning tables near us and say something to try and get a convo going, which I found quite funny.

Megan got more talkative once Nat joined us and she is genuinely lovely. They decided to show me the sights of Doncaster, which I had enough of after I went to the club toilets and found a clump of hair on the floor. This wasn’t just a ‘Oh someones brushed their hair’ clump, this was a ‘Oh my god, is that a dead rat?’ clump. It was terrifying, so Nat took on the last stop of our adventure: Flares.

I had heard of the legendFlares from Nat and Ryan whilst I was at uni. Apparently they’re everywhere, but I’d never been to one.  So we paid the entry fee, and as soon as. I got a sense of the atmosphere I got a drink. I swear we were the youngest in there, and when you’re in your 20’s that is not a good vibe. The entire place just reeked of midlife crises. So I downed the cider and we left asap.

I left the next day, so apart from yet another Costa triplet was a pretty uneventful  day.

One thing I learnt from my trip is that I seem to have a lesbian aura. It must have been because it was Pride, but twice that night Nat and I were mistaken as a couple despite the fact that we were just stood there awkwardly. Nobody thought Nat and Megan could have been a couple, it was always me. I’m not sure why I have that vibe, but apparently I do and I’m not sure what to do with that information.

Overall I had a great time, and I can’t wait to meet up with Nat again. I think we’re going to go cave climbing so that’s defo going to be… interesting.

Until next week, folks!

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