I’m a northerner, I swear!

It’s only 75 days until Christmas, and I am hyped!

Yes, I’m afraid I am one of those annoying, jolly people who want to celebrate Christmas 365 days a year. There’s nothing like nights by the fire, or the smell of Baileys drifting between the flickering fairy lights at the markets. I swear, as soon as Halloween is over my Santa cactus is coming out of the cupboard and there’s nothing Ian can do to stop me!

I think I’m extra excited because I just moved back up to Cumbria. That’s right folks, I am once again claiming to be a northern girl but shivering despite being wrapped in eighty blankets. It’s good to be back, and even though the move has made me and Ian broke, I am determined to decorate the house with the Mickey Mouse tinsel mum bought me for my birthday.

The move itself went pretty well, nothing broke (though there are still 3 boxes that I can’t be bothered to unpack) and we managed to get it all done within a few hours. I packed everything (there were about 20 boxes, I have no idea how I got so much stuff –  but I am very sentimental. I still have theatre tickets from yonks ago.)

I did all the packing by myself, partly because I’m a control freak, partly because Ian was working. Then Ian, Jake and Russ did all of the shifting once we arrived. I would have helped – alas, I am burdened with stumpy little arms and chubby little legs. A curse that my mother passed onto me, and I will pass onto my offspring. Sharing is caring, apparently.

The house is amazing, it makes me feel like an actual adult having a whole house to walk around. I’m spending less time in bed, started watching the news and even making myself breakfast! I’m a new person, no longer will I eat chocolate bars for breakfast and lunch or eat pizza for dinner every night.

Though I do hope I get rich like Zoella soon. I want to fill the place with succulents and have a guest bed and cushions to go with each season. But when my heart says yes, my bank says no. I think I’m going to do another grown up thing and make a list, so that I can focus on one thing at a time otherwise I will literally explode.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you all know that I haven’t dropped off the edge of the planet. But, I’m off to the pub now to celebrate that I’m finally an adult at 23. It took a while, but I got here.

Have a good week, mon petite amigos!

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